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Automotive Packaging - Primex

Custom Containers & Interior Dunnage

CLICK HERE to read how one automotive manufacturer protects valuable parts in their plant.

Automotive Packaging

Primex Design & Fabrication provides Automotive Packaging ranging from dividers and foam dunnage for hand held containers to steel rack partitions and portable rack systems.

We can design, engineer and fabricate your custom returnable automotive packaging to be durable and protect your product in any industrial environment with either actual parts or a virtual model file. All of our plastic corrugated, solid sheet and foam packaging will exceed your expectations.

Here are just a few of the ways Primex Design & Fabrication supports the automotive industry with our unique blend of technologies, innovative materials and customized packaging solutions:

Returnable Bulk Containers

Our innovative collapsible sleeve designs with compatible pallets and covers, protect valuable components, both in transit and within your plant. Highest strength to weight ratios reduce costs without sacrificing protection. Learn More

Custom Interior Dunnage

Primex engineers and fabricates plastic, foam, and other material tailored exactly to your packaging specifications to optimize the protection and movement of your parts. Learn More

Custom Handheld Containers

Primex designs and fabricates custom containers specific to your size and weight load requirements. Learn More

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