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Custom Fabrication - Primex

Additives and Custom Fabrication

Material customization…in-house means on time

At Primex Design & Fabrication, custom is all we do.  And we do it all… from concept/design and material selection to complete assembly/kitting services and every step in between.  Most competitors have to outsource their plastic compounding work to third parties, wasting time and adding unnecessary markup to your project.  Not Primex Design & Fabrication.  We’re part of the Primex Plastics family of companies, where our unique vertical integration business model provides constant access to key business partners such as Primex Color, Compounding & Additives.  Under the Primex umbrella we manage every aspect of custom fabrication, plastics processing/compounding, including:

  • Raw material selection
  • Color compounding
  • UV additives for products exposed to sunlight
  • Anti-static additives for electronics
  • Flame retardant additives

Corrugated plastic containers, totes, displays, bins, sleeves and racks aren’t much good if they aren’t designed specifically for your application, needs and environment.  A perfect plastic solution starts at the pellet level… and that’s right where you’ll find Primex Design & Fabrication.