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Custom Design & Prototyping

Design is Our Middle Name!

You have specific needs for your packaging, shipping and storage. Your products are unique and require the best protection available. So why settle for an “off-the-shelf” solution. Whether shipping around the world, around the corner or from workstation to workstation, Primex Design & Fabrication has the expertise to ensure your product’s protection and your brand’s integrity.

We take design seriously. Our design department, using the latest graphic and package design software available, helps you visualize your solution. We create interior protective packaging, and containers to your specifications and print outside identification, using either our screen printing or four-color printing technology, that keeps your brand visible.

From Concept to Prototyping – Primex is the Leader in Custom Creation and Production 

Your sales representative or our inside sales professionals will assess your needs and offer the perfect solution. Then, our product design team makes accurate measurements of your product and creates 3D drawings for your review. Our prototyping team takes over, cutting and assembling a prototype often using the exact material to be used in final production. We also create internal protective dunnage that ensures the safe arrival of your product.

We Lead the Way in Accuracy and Rapid Prototyping 

Most PD&F samples are designed and produced within a 24-48-hour turnaround time. We get it right, the first time and every time.

Unique Capabilities 

Integration with our sister companies, Primex Plastics and Primex Color, Compounding & Additives, provides these capabilities:

  • We customize by material, thickness, color, and functional characteristics such as UV protection, fire retardance, antimicrobial and antistatic discharge protection.
  • Primex produces sheet on our own extrusion lines, allowing rapid production and custom formulation.
  • Solid sheet, fluted sheet and our industry changing Bubble-X™ board, are all produced in house. 
  • We recycle products in our 100,000 square-foot recycling center.

Call today to see how Primex Design & Fabrication creates custom solutions for all your packaging, protection and shipping needs.