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Primex Plastics Releases New Videos

Primex Plastics Corporation, the parent company of Primex Design & Fabrication (PDF) and Primex Color, Compounding & Additives (PCCA), has produced seven new videos to introduce prospective customers to its full line of custom plastics products for manufacturers, logistics and retail. The Primex line includes sheet and roll products, masterbatches and compounds, and fabricated packaging, containers and returnable shipping solutions.

All video programming can be viewed on the Primex Plastics YouTube Channel at Primex Plastics Videos.

Here are the titles and descriptions of each video (click the title to watch the video)

  • Primex Plastics Corporation – A short introduction to the expertise and capabilities of Primex Plastics, a leader in production of custom sheet and roll products for thermoforming, printing and fabrication.
  • Primex Design & Fabrication – Introduction to PDF. PDF designs and fabricates custom packaging, shipping containers, logistics, storage and point of sale products for a wide range of industries.
  • Primex Color, Compounding & Additives – Since 1957, PCCA has been a leading supplier of color and unique masterbatches for the plastics manufacturing industry.
  • ULTRAPAC – 360 Series – Primex’s ultra-durable, returnable shipping containers made from Bubble-X™, a high strength coextruded board, available in a range of thicknesses for ultimate product protection.
  • Custom Containers & Interior Dunnage – Custom designed and produced containers and protection for critical product protection, using a variety of foam, plastic and laminated materials.
  • Automotive Components – Primex offers various interior and exterior components for the automotive industry using Bubble-X™ board, Faraprene™ elastomers and other Primex materials.
  • Ship Flat Containers & Displays – These space saving, returnable containers and displays are available in virtually any form factor for specific customer needs.

Primex Design & Fabrication Offers Solutions for Automotive Interiors

Primex Design & Fabrication, PD&F, the leading manufacturer of reusable, returnable and recyclable plastic shipping containers, custom interior dunnage, protective packaging, point of purchase displays and retail packaging, has entered the automotive OEM market with its Bubble-X™ and Faraprene™ products for automotive components. The two materials can be formed for a wide variety of automotive interior applications such seat backs, door panels, load floors and trunk liners. “We’ve supported this market for some time,” said PD&F Business Unit Director Doug Borgsdorf, “but we’re now aggressively pursuing new business by demonstrating the value of our products and their advantages over existing materials.”

Primex materials help reduce vehicle weight, while providing exceptional strength and durability. Primex produces highly durable, lightweight materials that replace wood, fiberglass, metal and solid polymer sheet for automotive interior applications without sacrificing stability, strength and aesthetics. Additionally, Primex prefabricates many shapes and textures, saving suppliers this additional production step, and then laminates various materials to components before shipping.

CLICK HERE: See various vehicle components made stronger and lighter with PD&F materials.

Bubble-X™ co-extruded polypropylene bubble board provides exceptional strength to weight properties and is available in a wide range of colors and thicknesses. Primex’s Color, Compounding & Additives division can formulate many characteristics into the product during production such as anti-stats, fire retardants and processing aids.

Primex’s Faraprene™ TPEs and TPOs are industry-leading thermoforming materials that provide soft touch and high grip surfaces in many vehicle components such as door areas, trunk liners, control knobs and floor mats. Faraprene™ is available in a full range of hardness levels and can be used in injection and extrusion operations. Primex laminates a wide assortment of materials to Faraprene™ such as carpet, polyspun, felt and fiberglass, saving production time.

The Primex Advantage

The Primex Plastics “One Company” family of companies ensures total supply chain management, from compounding, extrusion and fabrication, to distribution and recycling. The John J. Farber Technology and Innovation Center helps develop new products and new product uses that keep automotive suppliers ahead of the competition curve. Primex Color, Compounding & Additives produces masterbatches for Primex’s extrusion lines, providing exact product colors, unique characteristics and additives to meet specific customer needs. PD&F’s onsite design team works with customers to develop the most economical long-term solution, while six warehouse facilities allow for just-in-time delivery to manufacturers.

Primex Design & Fabrication Creates New Distribution Packaging for Snack Food Industry

Primex Design & Fabrication, PD&F, the leading manufacturer of reusable, returnable and recyclable plastic shipping containers, custom interior dunnage, protective packaging, point of purchase displays and retail packaging, has created a new delivery container for the snack food industry. The PD&F retail distribution box is an easy-open container made from PD&F’s unique Bubble-X™ three-layer plastic board, which has an extraordinary strength to weight ratio and provides enhanced protection for delicate products. The new container was custom-designed for Mikesell’s®, a regional snack food company headquartered in Dayton, Ohio.

The new packaging replaces corrugated paperboard boxes that Mikesell’s route sales drivers have used for years when delivering products such as potato chips, popcorn and pretzels to retail outlets and wholesale distributors throughout Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, and Illinois. While the paperboard box lasted about four or five turns, according to Mikesell’s Executive Vice President Luke Mapp, the new plastic retail box holds the same amount of retail packages, and is expected to deliver at least 150 round trips, providing an immediate return on investment while reducing waste. On top of offering better content protection, the Bubble-X™ box is weather resistant, allows for greater branding opportunities, is stackable and won’t tear or puncture.

The Mikesell’s distribution box measures 24” x 13½” x 13”, weighs 3.2 pounds and is constructed from 2.66 MM Bubble-X™ board. Primex started selling products made from Bubble-X™ in 2017 and offers a full line of specialty shipping containers, in-plant boxes and sleeve packs including its market-leading ULTRAPAC – 360 Series™. Bubble-X™ comes in six standard thicknesses and can be custom-manufactured to meet specific requirements.

“We were exploring the idea of replacing our cardboard boxes when I saw a plastic container at the Snack Food Exposition (Snaxpo) last year in Atlanta,” said Mapp. “About the same time, we were approached by Primex Design & Fabrication. They offered custom-engineering, a great way to brand our product during the shipping phase, a superior product, and the added convenience and savings of being only an hour from our Dayton facility; thus, saving us time and shipping costs. We are currently on track to replace all of our cardboard boxes by the middle of this year.”

“Our first step in creating the retail distribution box was to gain an understanding of Mikesell’s’ business and how they would use the box,” said Primex Territory Business Manager Cleve Campbell. “We visited their plant to observe their operation, see how boxes were loaded, and how route sales drivers used the existing paperboard boxes.” Then PD&F’s designers went to work creating prototypes for approval. “Our rapid prototyping operation is one of the best in the business, allowing us to create samples in as little as two days,” added Campbell.

According to Mapp, the boxes have exceeded expectations. “We’ve ordered a total of 60,000 pieces from PD&F. Our drivers say that they perform very well, and especially like the handles, which were constantly ripping on the cardboard boxes.” 

Distribution Box Advantages

  • Can be made from PD&F’s revolutionary Bubble X™ board for added protection
  • RFID capabilities for real-time tracking of your most valuable product
  • Boxes can be screen or four-color printed for exceptional branding capabilities
  • Completely sealed flutes are available in some thicknesses
  • Most designs are fully assembled but collapsible for savings during shipping
  • PD&F’s onsite design team works with customers to develop the most economical long-term solution
  • Delivers flexibility and strength where others fail
  • High return ratio – saves space and freight costs
  • Innovative design – assembles and knocks down flat easily
  • Maximum reusability reduces packaging costs

About Mikesell’s Snack Food Company

Founded in 1910 in Dayton, Ohio by Daniel W. Mikesell, the company has been expanding its product line ever since. It distributes to retailers and wholesalers in Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky and Illinois and sells directly to loyal consumers throughout the country. Visit their website at

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