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Automotive Packaging - Primex
Automotive Packaging - Primex
Automotive Packaging - Primex

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Introducing the PRIMEX PROTECT™ line of products by Primex.

Primex Design & Fabrication now offers our new line of products, specifically designed to keep you, your employees and customers safe.

All PRIMEX PROTECT products can be disinfected for multiple uses, unlike paper corrugated.

  • Primex Protect Face Shields
  • Sleeve Packs
  • Social Distancing Barriers
  • Custom Printed Signage
  • Social Distancing Signs
  • Point of Sale Barriers
  • Ear Protectors
  • Medical Waste Containers

Primex Protect Face Shields

Available in various configurations

Sleeve Packs

Our Primex Protect™ sleeve is the ultimate shipping solution that can be used for:
Shipping of Medical PPE Supplies Removal/Management of Medical Waste Recycling Containment Medical Supply Distribution

Social Distancing Signs

4mm PP fluted
Custom print and color options available for an additional screen charge.

Point of Sale Barriers

Social barriers for employees at point of sales locations, meeting spaces and workstations.

Ear Protectors

Our ear protectors go behind the head and offer multiple hooks on which to attach the mask of your choice. Made with our .020 PE material

Medical Waste Containers

Inside Dimensions:  15” x 15” x 34”
Internal Volume:  4.4 cubic feet
Custom printing and colors available

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