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Automotive Packaging - Primex
Automotive Packaging - Primex
Automotive Packaging - Primex
Automotive Packaging - Primex

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Returnable Bulk Shipping Containers

Primex Design & Fabrication’s collapsible sleeve packs, comprised of two mirror image plastic pallets and an innovative sleeve, boasts of the strongest, yet lightest weight reusable bulk packaging in the industry . . . utilizing our innovative co-extruded Bubble-X plastic sleeves  . . . providing users:

  • Ease of handling
  • Excellent cube utilization/efficiencies while transporting
  • High return ratios for freight and space/storage savings 
  • Packs engineered to meet weight load requirements
  • 100% recyclability to meet sustainability metrics

Sleeve Pack options:

  • One piece Z fold sleeve
  • Access Doors, with velcro
  • Seal Edges for industrial hygiene
  • Multiple footprints (L x W) and heights available
  • Silk Screen Graphics, 4 Color capability to promote Brand message
  • Interior layer pads and partitions
  • Passive & active locking system

Metal Transport Racks

  • Custom engineered to user’s demanding weight load and part surface protection requirements
  • Stackable, forkliftable
  • Available in AIAG footprint, 45 x 48, and other sizes.  
  • Side or top load