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Primex Design & Fabrication’s Commitment to Sustainability

Since our inception, we’ve helped our customers find better ways to create and use packaging. From pellet to package, we always look to Sustainable manufacturing practices such as use of post-consumer and post-industrial materials.

Read about our broad sustainability efforts across our “One Company” product lines.

Primex Partnership with Philadelphia Eagles is a Big Winner!
Watch how Primex helps the Eagles recycle stadium seats.


Reduction includes practices that decrease waste and excess in manufacturing and in finished product, coordination of shipments and backhauls, energy audits, employee education and more.


Reuse of packaging is prevalent at each of the facilities. Employees are recognized for their creative savings ideas, and unique programs are being developed to recapture manufacturing by-products such as process heating or cooling.


Divert hundreds of millions of pounds annually from the waste stream. In addition to internal reclaim programs many customers are assisted in their reclamation goals.


Look at alternatives that are more sustainable or enhance efficiencies through polymer engineering, renewable resources, bio-based materials, and/or design improvements.


Every step Primex Design & Fabrication takes enhances our customers’ environmental practices.

Green packaging has always been an option at Primex Design & Fabrication. We offer corrugated plastic packaging and sheet for your returnable, reusable packaging applications. And we have the option of using post-industrial or post-consumer material when applicable.

Primex Design & Fabrication has used recycled materials for many years. We utilize either post-consumer or post-industrial material. Our products are also recyclable as Polypropylene (recycle code 5) or Polyethylene (recycle code 2). Recycled materials are typically black.