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Sustainable Packaging - Primex Fabrication

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Sustainable Packaging Solutions

Sustainable = Green and Profitable

Sustainable Packaging Solutions from Primex Design & Fabrication are reusable, returnable and recyclable. What goes around should come back around—for as long as possible. Primex Design & Fabrication’s corrugated plastic totes, bins, trays and POS items offer an excellent, sustainable shipping solution.

  • Reusable – material handling products are made from strong polyethylene or polypropylene plastics which substantially outperform and outlast similar items made from cardboard. Primex Design & Fabrication also uses a unique oscillated flute design in our corrugated sheet making it much less susceptible to tearing along critical fold areas.  The result is a line of products designed to withstand repeated use and spend more time in the mainstream than the waste stream.
  • Returnable – Shipping and storage containers are a business investment. So why not invest for the long haul and sustained profitability?  All Primex Design & Fabrication products are designed and fabricated to withstand multiple shipping and handling cycles under a wide variety of conditions.
  • Recyclable – Paper-based material handling items used to have a green advantage. Not anymore. Primex Design & Fabrication’s containers and sheet products are fully recyclable as polypropylene (recycle code 5) or polyethylene (recycle code 2).  And we don’t just talk green… Primex Design & Fabrication uses recycled material in many of our products, and our design team incorporates complete product life cycle planning into every closed-loop solution.

The bottom line… sustainable solutions pay big long term dividends for your company and our environment. Contact Primex Design & Fabrication today to get started on a material handling or work-in-process solution custom designed for your business.