Woodruff Corporation Joins Reusable Packaging Association Efforts

//Woodruff Corporation Joins Reusable Packaging Association Efforts

Woodruff Corporation Joins Reusable Packaging Association Efforts

rpaTampa, FL, Nov. 18, 2015 – Woodruff Corpororation has joined the Reusable Packaging Association (RPA), adding their expertise to the association’s mission of expanding the use and value of reusable packaging systems. Woodruff Corporation designs and manufactures reusable, returnable, and recyclable corrugated plastic packaging.

“We are dedicated to helping the market understand the value, efficiencies, and environmental impact of reusable packaging,” said Doug Borgsdorf, Business Unit Director of Woodruff Corporation. “We believe that partnering with the RPA will help us broaden the reach of our message while supporting the RPA’s efforts to educate the marketplace.”

The growth in RPA membership expands the association’s scope and knowledge base in the transport packaging market, enabling RPA to more broadly represent and serve the common interests of the reusable industry.  “We are thrilled to have Woodruff join our advocacy for reusable packaging systems,” said Tim Debus, RPA President.  “The RPA team is excited to work with them on our industry initiatives that demonstrate why reusable packaging is the preferred choice for higher-performing, lower-cost, and more sustainable supply chains.”

About Woodruff Corporation

Woodruff offers a full line of custom packaging, handling, shipping, and storage solutions for virtually every industry. Its products include containers, product protection, material handling, and point-of-sale displays made from corrugated plastic, foam, and other materials. As part of the Primex Plastics “One Company” partnership, consisting of Woodruff, Primex and O’Neil Color & Compounding, Woodruff offers a full range of materials, compounds, and configurations for virtually every packaging need from raw materials through recycling. www.primexfabrication.com

About the Reusable Packaging Association

The Reusable Packaging Association is the trade organization for suppliers and users of reusable packaging products and services.  RPA represents the common business interests of material providers, manufacturers, poolers, distributors, wholesalers, and retailers who benefit from the environmental, improved handling, and economic attributes of reusable packaging. The RPA serves as the collective voice of the industry and promotes the adoption of reusable packaging throughout supply chains.  For more information, visit http://www.reusables.org or call (813) 358-5327.